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When I was just starting out in business, I felt like I could handle most things that came my way. I worked hard to troubleshoot issues like trouble employees and financial constraints, and I always came out on top. However, after the economy tanked, business became harder and harder, and I realized that I needed to find a different way to make things work. I decided to research different business plans, focus on honing the different skills that I already had, and hit the books again. This blog is all about honing your business skills and finding different ways to streamline your company.


How Your Employee’s Focus And Privacy Depend On Your Office Furnishings

29 August 2016
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One of the most popular office design trends today places emphasis on employees being able to freely collaborate and communicate with one another about various projects. While open offices do promote interaction between employees, the time each one of your employees may need for privacy and individual focus is just as important to consider. Creating A Workplace That Your Employees Look Forward To If your office employees wake up every day and dread coming to work because it is boring, you might consider how you can change your office design to spice things up a little. Read More …

Two Positive Signs for Under Armour Investors

29 July 2016
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Under Armour has had a rough year. The closure of Sports Authority hurt Under Armour's stock, and then there were announcements that the company had lowered growth forecasts. However, many investors and analysts are now eyeing Under Armour as a good value investment. The thought is that Under Armour is going to move quickly to form new relationships to fill the gap left by the defunct Sports Authority. Two recent news items are encouraging for those who hold Under Armour stock, as well as those who are looking to buy before the stock rebounds. Read More …

3 Ways To Prevent Your AC Unit From Overheating

16 May 2016
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The last thing that you want in the middle of a scorching hot summer is for your AC to overheat and shut down completely. Unfortunately, if you aren't taking the proper care of your AC unit, then it will be prone to overheating. In order to ensure that your AC unit doesn't overheat this summer, you should know ways to prevent it from happening. Change Your Air Filter One of the most common reasons that your air conditioner will overheat is due to a dirty air filter or blocked air filter. Read More …

How To Memorialize A Friend Or Relative With A Personalized Headstone

12 April 2016
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Headstones are placed on graves to identify, honor, and memorialize the lives of friends and relatives. For that reason, it is important to choose a headstone that reflects the individual that it memorializes. To simplify this process, monument companies have a portfolio of designs that you can choose for your loved one's headstone. These headstone designs can be personalized with your choice of granite color and engraved with a personal favorite quote and unique image. Read More …

Considering Starting An Owner-Operator Trucking Business? Tips For You

9 February 2016
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When you go through the work of going to school to become a commercial truck driver and getting your commercial truck driving license, you likely want to make the most of your new career that you can. Because of this, you may be looking into the possibility of starting your own owner-operator trucking business. Before you jump right in and make the investment in owning and operating your own truck and business, get to know some of the steps that you should take before you get started so that your owner-operator trucking business is as successful as possible. Read More …