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When I was just starting out in business, I felt like I could handle most things that came my way. I worked hard to troubleshoot issues like trouble employees and financial constraints, and I always came out on top. However, after the economy tanked, business became harder and harder, and I realized that I needed to find a different way to make things work. I decided to research different business plans, focus on honing the different skills that I already had, and hit the books again. This blog is all about honing your business skills and finding different ways to streamline your company.


Archival Framing Techniques That Will Preserve Artwork and Photographs

12 May 2022
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Investing in an exquisite piece of artwork may influence the type of framing techniques that you select for your purchase. Standard mats, foam cores, and frames may not block UV rays or moisture. Materials that are prone to damage can be maintained by choosing an archival framing process. Acid Issues The acid that is naturally found in some framing products may ultimately cause images to fade. Porous frames or inadequate seals around a glass cover and frame pieces may allow insects or dust to infiltrate a framed piece. Read More …

Why You May Want Vintage Pocket Watches In Your Shop

24 March 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you do a quick search for antique or vintage pocket watches, you may be surprised by all the pages that come up. You will see many pages of people selling and looking for antique pocket watches. There is a large market for them. These pocket watches are appreciated and sought after by people from all walks of life, who can be so very different from each other it can be surprising. Read More …

3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Gun Safe To Invest In

7 February 2022
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Owning a firearm comes with great responsibility. One of the most important things to do is make sure that your firearms are kept in a safe for the protection of everyone involved. Here are a few things that should be considered when choosing a new gun safe to invest in. Where Will the Safe Be Kept? It is important to determine exactly where to put your gun safe after purchasing it to ensure that you choose a size that will fit. Read More …