2 Ways To Keep Your Items Safe In A Moving Truck

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2 Ways To Keep Your Items Safe In A Moving Truck

22 September 2016
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One of the biggest risks that can come from moving to a new home is that much of your property can end up getting damaged during the moving process. In most cases, this damage is avoidable if you take the right steps to secure the property when placing it into a moving truck. Listed below are two ways to keep your items safe in a moving truck.

Furniture Pads 

One of the things that many people seem to neglect when loading their furniture onto a truck is a padding, mostly because they believe that packing the items in tight enough and securing the items to the truck's railing and tie-down spots will keep the furniture secure. While this will help keep your furniture from moving around too much, your furniture is still going to move a bit when braking and making a turn in the truck, and that small motion is often enough to scratch and your furniture as it moves against the ties and ropes holding it in place. However, if you place padding over your furniture before you tie it down and secure it, the chances of cosmetic damage to your furniture will decrease quite a bit.

In addition, the furniture pads will also protect the moving truck itself by preventing scratches if and when the furniture shifts or slides. While you may think that scratches on the interior of a moving truck may not be a big deal, they can actually result in hefty charges from the rental company as deep scratches in the walls and floors can be quite expensive to repair. 

Moving Boxes

A major mistake that many people make when moving is using the wrong boxes to pack their items. Using whatever boxes that you can collect from your friends and family is not as desirable as using moving boxes as moving boxes adhere to standardized sizes that allow you to more easily stack your property.

With mismatched boxes, you could easily end up creating a very unstable stack of items in the moving truck that will easily fall during the drive to your new home or during the unloading process, which can damage both the truck and your items. In addition, moving boxes are also typically stronger than other cardboard boxes and will be better able to hold their shape and protect your items if other boxes are stacked on top of them.

Contact a moving truck rental service today to discuss what steps they would recommend to keep your property and the truck rental as safe and secure as possible. Furniture pads and moving boxes are two of the most useful and easiest ways to keep your items safe and secure when moving.