Four Ways To Reduce Office Paper Usage

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Four Ways To Reduce Office Paper Usage

21 September 2016
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Almost 70 million tons of paper are used every year in the United States, and businesses use a lot of it. According to the Paperless Project, every office employee uses over 800 pieces of paper every month, and almost half of that is in the garbage by the end of the day. Paper usage consumption, despite the increase in electronic correspondence over the past 20 years, grows almost 25 percent annually for the average company. Here are four strategies to implement at your company to reduce your overall paper usage and reduce your bottom line on office supplies.

Educate Your Personnel On The Copier Equipment

Many employees don't know much about the copier machine beyond loading the paper tray, placing the documents they want to copy in the feed, and pushing the start button. Most documents are printed on one side only, but in many cases, both sides of the paper could be printed on. Every time both sides of the paper are used, your paper consumption is cut in half.

Implement Layout Guidelines And Templates

While documents should use a readable and professional font, it needn't be overly large. The same applies to the paper margins used. A narrower margin and heading allow for more text to be placed on the sheet, reducing the end result of pages needed. Environmentally-friendly fonts include Century Gothic and Gotham, which are both sans serif fonts, meaning they don't have the little tail added to each letter.

There are also eco-friendly fonts that reduce ink and toner consumption, helping to cut your costs even further. Rather than printing a solid shape, the font has built-in tiny holes that use less chemicals to print.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

While email is widely used is most office settings, it isn't the only paperless method of electronic communication available. You can have your IT people set up SMS text messaging for short company-wide memos or just to specific departments. The old-fashioned telephone call is also an option. Social media platforms also allow you to set up company groups, which can be extremely useful for things such as company news and events.

Recycle Before You Recycle

Correspondence that doesn't have sensitive information can be re-used before dropping it in the recycling bin. An inexpensive paper cutter can quickly turn the back side of waste paper into smaller pieces of scrap paper for jotting down quick notes. 

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