Why You May Want Vintage Pocket Watches In Your Shop

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Why You May Want Vintage Pocket Watches In Your Shop

24 March 2022
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If you do a quick search for antique or vintage pocket watches, you may be surprised by all the pages that come up. You will see many pages of people selling and looking for antique pocket watches. There is a large market for them. These pocket watches are appreciated and sought after by people from all walks of life, who can be so very different from each other it can be surprising. This is why you should consider selling vintage pocket watches in your storefront. Once you understand some reasons for their popularity and other great things about them, you might see why selling them in your shop can be a good idea. Here's more on this: 

Antique pocket watches can last for centuries

More care went into the design and construction of pocket watches in the past. Nowadays, a lot of watches may have many of their parts assembled by machines. The rest of the parts are likely slapped on the watches as they rush down a conveyor belt. Also, the inspection of the finished pocket watches can include a random check where a few pocket watches out of an entire batch will be looked at closely. If those watches pass inspection, then it's assumed that all the watches are fine. 

Back when antique pocket watches were made, the pieces would be made and put together with more craftsmanship and attention to all the little details. People like knowing they are purchasing a pocket watch that had so much care put behind its creation, and this helps explain some of their popularity. 

Vintage pocket watches were made with quality materials

A lot of the pocket watches made today are made using lesser-quality materials. Not only does knowing this take away from the pride of owning one, but it also means the pocket watch isn't going to last nearly as long. In fact, a vintage pocket watch that's still in great working order could end up going longer than a brand new pocket watch made with those lesser quality materials.

One example of the differences in materials can be seen in the jewels used in the watch mechanisms. Antique pocket watches will have jewels that are real, such as real rubies and garnets. However, most pocket watches produced today use synthetic jewels. The fact that vintage pocket watches are of such better quality also makes them sought after and appreciated by many. Now that you see how great vintage pocket watches are, you may see why you should be selling them.