2 Reasons To Consider Using A Bond Agent To Post Bail

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2 Reasons To Consider Using A Bond Agent To Post Bail

20 September 2021
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Getting arrested can be a scary experience. The unpredictable outcome of the arrest is enough to make the average individual nervous even if it is not their first arrest. One of the most concerning things about getting arrested is if a bail amount will be set. The second concern of an arrested individual would likely be whether they can afford to pay to get out of jail by posting a bail bond. Judges set bail amounts based on the current charges that individuals face. However, they may review prior convictions and use those to determine the bond amount. For example, a repeat DUI offender might have a higher bail amount than someone who gets charged with their first DUI. 

There are several options for bail bonds. Some individuals are given recognizance bonds. These are bonds granted by judges to individuals that allow arrested individuals to go home between the times they're needed at court. If a bond requires collateral or payment, some individuals may not be prepared to pay it or lack the resources to use as collateral. Bail bond agents can help individuals in this situation and those who prefer to keep their personal assets and their pending charges separate matters. The following are a few reasons posting a bond through a bail bond agent is a good option.

Avoid Financial Scrutiny

Posting a cash or collateral bond with assets can cause scrutiny especially if the bail set is for a considerable dollar amount. Questions might linger about how the cash was obtained to be posted. It could hinder certain cases such as possession with intent to distribute drugs. There are also citizens who at first glance might not seem like they have large sums of money saved. Their modest appearances could result in assumptions that they are involved in questionable activities. Facing criminal charges is enough stress. It does not make sense to get stressed even further by rumors. 

Maintain a Level of Privacy

Paying a bail bond in cash or using collateral can result in the transaction being listed in court records. This means that the information will likely be readily available to anyone who wants to perform a search or background check on you. It can also "feed the gossip mill." If someone else is bonding you out using their cash or property, they might also want to be as private as possible about them signing off on your bond. Using a bond agent could protect your privacy because they are not bound by law to disclose the names of their clients to the public. 

A bond agent can offer more benefits of using their services. They are familiar with certain bail bond procedures that may be unique in your jurisdiction. You can depend on them as long as you abide by the terms outlined in your release paperwork. Reach out to a bail bond agent to learn more.