Home Repairs On Deck? Use A Material That Works

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Home Repairs On Deck? Use A Material That Works

25 January 2021
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Replacing your home's deck may become a necessity if you notice that your home needs some repairs. For example, you might notice that your home's deck is falling apart, which prompts you to choose to replace the structure completely.

There are many different decking materials available to choose from. For your next home repair, it is important that you choose a decking material that looks great and stands up to the tests of time. These are some material options for your next home repair.


Cedar decking materials look natural, and the wood is durable in cold weather. It is resistant to moisture, which prevents rot from taking over the deck. Plus, you can easily stain and seal your cedar deck.

The downside is that cedar can be dented if you store heavy items on the deck. Pet nails can also scratch it. This means you might need to do more home repairs in the future if you do choose cedar.


Redwood, much like its name implies, is red in color, and it can become gray if exposed to the weather. Redwood does not warp the way other woods do, and they resist insects and rot. 

On the other hand, redwood can require more maintenance if you live in an area with a lot of moisture. Redwood can also be more expensive than some of your other options, which means your home repair can be a little pricier if you choose this option.


Composite decking is also a great choice if you have a lot of concerns about the color of the deck. Composite comes in many colors because they are made of recycled wood and synthetic material. You don't have to worry about painting this deck, and it is affordable in terms of maintenance. It doesn't warp or splinter like some other deck options either.

Non-Wood Options

Plastic is a common option for those who do not want to use wood. Plastic is strong and great for high-traffic areas. It lasts for quite a while.

Vinyl is also common among durable systems that come in different looks. If you want a deck that lasts and can be customized, you might choose a non-wood option like vinyl.

Contact a Home Repair Professional

A home repair professional has experience working with different materials. Decking options are widely available, and you can work with a home repair pro to find the one that works best for your project.

To start your project, contact a local home repair service.