2 Benefits Of Using Tube Beading For Your Factory Equipment's Tubes And Hoses

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2 Benefits Of Using Tube Beading For Your Factory Equipment's Tubes And Hoses

24 November 2020
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If your factory uses equipment that has tubes and hoses as their key components, you want their connections to last as long as possible. However, the standard connections with which the machines came may not be enough. If so, consider the benefits of using tube beading to make these connections.

1.  Beading Process Helps to Strengthen the Ends of the Tubes and Hoses

One benefit of using tube beading on the ends of your tubes and hoses is that the process helps to strengthen them. Normally, even if the ends are constructed from stout metal, they may not be able to withstand constant pressure from within from the gas or liquid flowing through the tubes or hoses.

If the ends are not reinforced in some way, they may start to fray, split, and crack over time. When this happens, leaks can occur that would require that the hoses or tubes be replaced with new ones.

However, with tube beading, beads of metal are placed either on the interior or exterior of the ends to help give them extra strength. As the beads of metal harden, they become part of the ends to reinforce them, allowing them to withstand increased the increased stress of constant pressure pressing against them.

2.  Beading Allows for a Stronger Connection Between Two Pieces of Tubing or Hoses 

When metal beads are fused with the ends of tubes and metal-capped hoses, they not only strengthen the individual pieces but also allow for a stronger connection between the two pieces. Just as with the ends, the connections between gas hoses or tubes containing high-pressure liquids are under constant strain.

Because of this strain, connections between hoses are more likely to break, causing leaks and possible damage if enough of the contents are forced out into the factory floor. While sautering or welding can help give a better connection, it may not be enough to simply strengthen the outside of the connections.

However, with beading, the metal beads are placed on the insides of the ends before the two pieces are fused together. Then, the professional doing the work can also add the beads to the exterior, making the connections doubly strong.

Since the process of beading your equipment's machinery involves experience and specialized tools, you may not want to attempt to have yourself or your maintenance staff do the job. Instead, contact a business that offers tube beading services to have them come out and examine your equipment and discuss your options for completing the process to strengthen and stabilize the connections. For more information about tube beading, reach out to a local company, like Accubend Inc.