The Easiest Way To Make Money Off Of Old Jewelry

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The Easiest Way To Make Money Off Of Old Jewelry

30 October 2020
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While certain styles of jewelry come in and out of fashion, the materials that these pieces are made of will virtually always be valuable. If you are looking to make some quick cash and don't know where to get it from then one place you can look is the old jewelry box. Don't be put off if the styles are a bit outdated, as the real value is in the gold and precious stones. Simply take these pieces, whether it is necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings, to your nearest gold jewelry buyers and they will give you an estimate of how much it is worth.

Do I Need To Clean It First?

Apart from wiping away any dust that may be laying on the surface, there is no real need to get your items professionally cleaned before taking them to gold jewelry buyers. After all, the people who want your jewelry are not interested in its current form, they just want what is known as the 'scrap price', which is how much the gold will be worth after they melt it down. This will then allow them to recreate the gold into whatever project is most in fashion, or sell it to another, larger company. 

Will They Ever Keep It In Its Current Form?

If you don't like the idea of your jewelry being melted down and scrapped then it can be hard to part with it at the gold jewelry buyers office. Sometimes, if your piece is quite new and in a good condition, they might decide to simply resell it in its current form. This is especially true if it was made by a recognizable designer, as this value would be lost if they melted it down. However, most of the time the real value is in the gold itself, not the design.

How Much Will I Get?

To get an estimate on how much your jewelry is worth you need to know the quality of the gold and how much the gold itself weighs. A gold jewelry buying store will be able to measure both the purity of the gold (with a special chemical procedure that does not ruin the gold) as well as weigh it on special scales that are extremely accurate. Then, depending on the gold price of the day you take it in, you will be given an offer for your jewelry that you can accept or refuse and go look somewhere else.