Three Things You Should Know About Providing On-Demand Hydration IV Drip Therapy

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Three Things You Should Know About Providing On-Demand Hydration IV Drip Therapy

14 September 2020
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If you are in the business of providing hydrating intravenous injections, or "drip therapy," to patients and clients or are considering opening a business along those lines, then you should be aware of three things that go beyond typical business risk. You will need professional health care workers, you will need to find clients with higher-than-average disposable income, and you won't be paid by insurance in most cases.

Hiring Professionals

If you are setting up drip therapy services, then you will need to hire health care professionals that can collect and administer the on-demand fluids to your clients. They need to understand how to safely give people intravenous fluids without causing undue damage to their veins, causing an infection, or giving them too much fluid. You can find healthcare professionals available to work for you just as you would with any other employee, but you will want to double-check their work experience and certifications. Once you have your employees, you can move on to finding clients.

Clientele With Disposable Income

IV drip therapy can be expensive to give out, as the IV fluids, medical supplies, and other business costs can have prohibitive costs. As such, you will want to find high-end clients. This is not necessarily difficult, as IV therapy is frequently priced high enough that those without the money to spare won't be interested. Beyond that simple pricing-out of other clients, you will want to make a name for yourself and market towards those that could benefit from hydration therapy services, such as those interested in post-workout or other pain relief beyond what is usually provided in a hospital or health care clinic.

No Insurance in Sight

Finally, drip hydration therapy services are not generally covered by insurance, so the higher-end clientele that you find need to be able to pay for your services without help from their insurance. While some alternative forms of pain relief are frequently covered by insurance, drip therapy isn't typically one of them, especially since it's better for short-term pain such as hangovers. On the plus side, this lack of insurance coverage may streamline your business, as you will not need to up-charge the insurance to try to get a full payment of coverages nor have nearly as much paperwork.

If you are interested in starting an on-demand hydration IV drip therapy service, then you will need to work hard to find professional healthcare workers and clientele that can afford your services. Additionally, you most likely won't be working with insurance. If you are willing to take these risks, then consider providing on-demand IV therapy for your business. For more information on hydration IV drip therapy, contact a business that provides it.