Tips For Scheduling An RV Park Consultation

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Tips For Scheduling An RV Park Consultation

19 August 2020
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No matter which stage of development an RV park is in, there is always room for improvement and future growth. Making plans to move forward without a professional with in-depth knowledge of the RV park industry will lead to unexpected financial losses. Here are a few tips for hiring an RV park consulting firm. 


Choose a consultant that has experience in the type of park that is to be built or improvements that will be added to an existing property. This could be experience in campgrounds, traditional RV parks, or RV resorts. The consultation may have an hourly fee, or the RV park consulting firm may want to ensure they are a good fit before committing to the project. If the proposal given at the end of the consultation works well, they may present a contract that entails their duties and contributions for the project. 

The RV park consultation can clarify if a potential property is a good fit prior to purchase. Currently owned properties can be reviewed to see which additional amenities and attractions can be added to improve the park's revenue. Unused land can be turned into a water park, clubhouses, dining halls, golf courses, or other resort amenities can be added. 


Location is the most important aspect of starting a new RV venture. After the correct property is obtained the consultant can assist with proper permits and putting together business plans. The RV park consulting firm will know of reputable lenders that are specific to this industry that can help and joint venture partners who may be seeking opportunities to invest. The proposed layout of the property is extremely important to submit when applying for financing. 

Receive assistance with formal statements that will be seen by the public or investors. Examples include studies regarding the economic impact, feasibility study, and market analysis. Help and basic instructions will be given regarding how the park will operate each day. Knowing which operations work well at other parks, helps avoid losses when first starting a new business.  Within the RV park consultation, plans to make changes can be discussed. Examples of future changes are to sell part of the property as space for condominiums, build storage facilities, or expand common areas. Have direction on budgets and techniques that working now for advertising, employee team building, and ongoing marketing of the RV park.

Reach out and schedule an RV park consultation to ensure the proper approach is taken for planning, obtaining financing, daily operations, and future expansion.