Cool Treats For Your Summer Camp

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Cool Treats For Your Summer Camp

9 June 2020
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Summer camp may be filled with many activities that are held outdoors under the sun's bright rays, resulting in tired youngsters yearning for a way to cool off and relax. If you are going to offer a snack session at the end of each day, a shaved ice machine can be used to create some low-calorie treats that won't spoil each child's appetite. As a result, kids will leave camp happy and parents will be pleased, knowing that their dinner plans aren't going to be ruined.

Purchase Equipment, Ingredients, And Accessories

A shaved ice machine can be used to create standard snow cones, and flavored syrups, sprinkles, or fresh fruit can be added to the creations, resulting in colorful treats that are appealing to both the eyes and the tastebuds. Purchase a tabletop shaved ice machine or one that is larger and similar to what one would utilize in a food booth or at a venue that caters to a large crowd.

A shaved ice machine is fairly easy to use. Regular ice pieces are crushed and turned into small granules, which provide snow cones with the gritty texture that they are known for. Because ice is granulated and a snow cone will possess small nooks and crannies, the flavored syrup will seep through each icy treat, coating the exterior and interior of each snack with a tasty flavor.

Purchase sweet and sour syrup varieties, multi-colored sprinkles, fresh fruit, paper cones, and spoons. Practice making a variety of snow cones and taste-test each one, to help you determine which flavor combinations you would like to offer to the campers.

Set Up A Serving Station And Tables

The area where you will be creating the snow cones can be located next to a seating area for the kids. Move a couple picnic tables next to the table or counter that you will be using to prepare the snow cones. Before you call the children to line up and request the flavors or toppings that they prefer, get all of the ingredients ready.

Set the syrup bottles next to the shaved ice maker and pour sprinkles into a tray. Slice some fresh fruit and place it on another tray. Set one spoon inside of each tray. Request that another camp staff member assists you with taking orders, preparing the snowcones, or adding the toppings to each ice creation. After each child is served, direct them to sit down at one of the tables to enjoy their cool snack.