How To Choose A Location To Scatter A Deceased Loved One's Ashes

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How To Choose A Location To Scatter A Deceased Loved One's Ashes

20 January 2017
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The movie The Bucket List is about two guys dying of cancer who want to live out their final days having fun. Carter and Edward write down a list of things they want to do. The last item on their bucket list was to witness something majestic. At the end of the movie, Matthew who is Edward's assistant places Edward's ashes alongside Carter's ashes on top of the Himalayas. After putting down the ashes, Edward crosses off the last item on the bucket list.

Most families want to find a meaningful location to spread the ashes of their deceased loved one. Read on to find out how to choose the right location.

Return The Ashes To The Earth

You can find a location for your deceased loved one by returning them to the earth. It seems people are attracted to nature when it comes to death. When it comes to spreading the ashes after cremation, families want to do what is natural. They like the idea of returning the ashes to the earth. For these reasons, families choose locations of natural beauty. Some people choose nature for religion reasons as well. The location usually has sentimental value to the deceased or the family.

Get To The Location

Some locations are hard to get to on foot or by car. For this reason, people may choose to rent ash scattering charters. It is a service that take people to hard to reach locations. If you want to spread your ashes in the ocean, then you could charter a boat through an ash scattering charter service. Choosing to spread the ashes in the ocean is like giving back to Mother Nature.

Get Permission

You should get permission before scattering your ashes. It is illegal to spread ashes in some locations. If you wanted to spread the ashes at a park, then you may need a permit. Many parks require you to get a permit before carrying out the memorial.

In 1958, it was about one in 28 Americans who were cremated. The percentages have risen to more than 40 percent. Cremation is one of the most affordable ways to bury a body. You can make a cremation just as sentimental as a funeral. However, you should find the right location and plan a memorial. It helps to get creative as a family and think about how your deceased loved would like to be remembered. For more information, contact local professionals like Ashes Scattering Circle of Remembrance.