Planning A Big Fundraising Event: Planning Tips For You

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Planning A Big Fundraising Event: Planning Tips For You

14 November 2016
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When you are planning to throw a fundraising event, whether it is for your own non-profit organization or for an organization that you and your business are supporting, there are many different steps that you can and should take in the process. Getting ready for a fundraising event can be daunting, but if you take everything one step at a time, you can and will have a fundraiser that is successful and well-executed. Learn some of the planning tips that can help you to plan a fantastic fundraiser so that on the day of your event, you will be well-prepared and ready to go collect money for your important cause.

Design and Plan Vinyl Banners and Other Signs Early

In order to advertise your event, as well as to direct people to it on the day of the fundraiser, you will need great signs and banners. If you want to use custom vinyl banners and signs for your event, you will need to start designing them as soon as possible so that they are perfected and ready for the event.

Be sure that you have a clear idea of what you want on your vinyl banners and an emblem or symbol that best represents your cause and event. This should be prominently displayed on all of your signage and banners to create uniformity and to help potential guests and donors recognize your cause and the event in general. The sooner you design your signage, the sooner you can get it ordered and digitally printed so that you can be sure everything is exactly to your specifications on the day of the event.

Take Your Advertising Efforts to Social Media

When it comes to advertising and marketing your fundraising event, your signs and banners are a great start, but they should not be the basis of your entire marketing campaign. One of the best ways to get the word out there about your fundraising event is to take to social media.

The first step is to create social media pages and accounts for you fundraiser. Invite your friends and contacts to like the page and to invite their contacts to do the same. You can post various photos, ads, and information about your cause and your event. You can even purchase ad space on social media sites to draw in even more potential donors. Much of this activity will be free or extremely inexpensive, allowing you to save money on your marketing and put more into the cause you are supporting.

With these basic tips in mind, you can begin planning your fundraising event as soon as possible and have a fundraising event that is as perfect and as successful as possible. For information on vinyl banners and custom signs, contact a company such as Davis Sign Co.