4 Money-Saving Tips for Moving Long Distance

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4 Money-Saving Tips for Moving Long Distance

10 November 2016
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When it comes to moving long distance, saving money is highly important. After all, you have to pay a great deal more when moving long distance than you would moving locally. These expenses include the extra gas, food for the trip, and the cost of hiring long distance movers. To make the move easier on your budget, consider these four money-saving tips.

  1. Only Hire Movers to Drive: If you have the time to pack and load you belongings yourself, you can hire a long distance moving company just to drive your belongings to your new place. This is going to be significantly cheaper because you won't be paying for the cost of labor for them to spend all day at your home helping you load the truck. You can ask friends and family to help you with the loading and packing process to make it even more time and budget friendly. 
  2. A Smaller Moving Truck: Instead of using the largest truck available, be sure to get rid of as many belongings as you can that you don't need to bring with you on the move. This way, you can use a smaller truck, which leads to additional savings. 
  3. Get an In-Home Estimate: Instead of relying on an estimate over the phone, you should also have the long distance moving company come out to you and do an in-home estimate. The reason for this is that the moving company will be able to more easily determine what size moving truck you need and how long it will take them to load and pack your belongings if you need them to do this. This is going to provide a more accurate quote so that you can more easily compare prices between different companies. 
  4. Buy Used Boxes: Instead of buying moving boxes directly from the moving company, you can purchase used boxes for a significantly cheaper price through a local online resale site. Just be sure that you are buying moving boxes and not regular, flimsy cardboard boxes that won't be able to protect your belongings properly. Many times, you will find people giving away their moving boxes for free just to more easily get rid of them. 

When you utilize these four tips, moving long distance can be much cheaper, which should take a great deal of stress of your shoulders and make the whole process much easier. Check out http://www.midwestmoving.com for even more information about long distance moves.