Tips to Get the Most Cash from Metal Recycling

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Tips to Get the Most Cash from Metal Recycling

21 October 2016
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Whether you are trying your hand at making some extra cash from metal recycling or if you are just cleaning out your garage, it is vital that you understand how you can make the most money from the metals that you scrap. To this end, follow these tips to increase your scrapyard income on your next trip.

Always Strip Wires of Their Protective Coverings

When you take wires to your scrapyard, you will always make more money if you remove their protective outer coverings. By removing the plastic or rubber covering off of wires, you will expose the type of metal wire that is contained within. Since some metals such as copper and aluminum pay a higher price at the scrapyard, by stripping your wires you will be paid more money per pound over the basic non-ferrous metal price. You can purchase an inexpensive pair of wire strippers at your local hardware store that will easily strip nearly any size of wires.

Know the Difference Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

When you arrive at the local scrapyard, they will ask you to separate your ferrous metals from those that are non-ferrous. Simply put, ferrous metals are those that contain iron and non-ferrous are those that do not contain iron. While you are at the hardware store picking up your wire strippers, you can also purchase a magnet. Metals that are ferrous and contain iron will be attracted to the magnet and those that are non-ferrous will not be attracted to it. Use the magnet when you separate your metals for recycling.

Always Wear Protective Gloves and Clothing When Handling Scrap Metals

Since metal items often have sharp edges, you should always wear a pair of leather gloves and the proper clothing when you are handling scrap metals. Additionally, there are may things that can injure you when you visit the scrapyard, so you should always wear jeans, boots, and long sleeve shirts if the weather permits.

Call Around for the Best Metal Scrap Price

Finally, before you head out to a scrapyard, first call around to all of the places in your city that will recycle metals. When you call, ask their current price on each type of metal that you have to recycle. The price for metals will vary and, by calling ahead of time, you will be able to take your scrap metal to the recycler paying the highest price.

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