Creating A Last-Minute Holiday Fund

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Creating A Last-Minute Holiday Fund

17 October 2016
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The holidays are nearly continuous this time of the year, beginning with Halloween and ending after New Year's Day. Although you are sure to make some precious memories, they won't be cheap. Food, presents, and travel all add up. If you haven't saved any money for this year's festivities, you may be able to save your budget by selling items that you find around the house.


You don't have to give up your favorite jewelry pieces to make a little money. You can take your broken chains and love tokens from exes to a business that buys gold and receive some significant cash. In addition, you may have other items in your possession that contain sellable gold.

Cell phones contain a bit of gold in their innards. If you just have one old one, ripping it apart to salvage its gold is probably not worth the effort, but if you and your friends have a collection of old phones, you can reap enough of the precious metal to make a little cash. You will have to harvest the gold, of course, because dealers are not likely to do it for you. Another source of gold is old crowns. Although you may never have had a gold tooth, your parents may have kept a few. Look through their old jewelry boxes as well as your own to see what you can find. You can also get some gold from your old electronics. Go to the garage and gather your old VCRs. You can easily find a video online explaining how to find the gold in these devices. 

Online Rummage Sales

Holding a rummage sale in the fall or winter isn't usually practical, but you can take advantage of online rummage sale groups to sell your used clothing, boots, or other items. Clean out your closets and get rid of anything you haven't used in the last year. Then, take a pic of each item and post it online in a social media group's page. You'll be surprised at how many things you can sell at $5 or more a pop. You can easily raise several hundred dollars in a week for your gift fund. Plus, your closets will finally have enough room to hold the gifts you will receive this year. 

If you are short on holiday money, don't panic. Search your home for gold, clothing, and other things that you can sell. A day or two of effort can help replenish your holiday fund and allow you to participate in the fun with less financial stress. For more information, contact local professionals like Pomona Pawn Shop.