Avoid A Hectic Move With Four Simple Tips

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Avoid A Hectic Move With Four Simple Tips

14 October 2016
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Whether you're relocating to a new city or downsizing to a smaller home and putting some items in a storage unit – moving is a lot of hard work. Although you might not be able to make the task effortless, there are at least a number of ways you can simplify the process.

Don't Toss Out Your Old Clothing

While prepping for your move, you probably collected a nice size pile of clothing that you want to get rid of. Don't take these items to the local shelter just yet. Especially when it comes to cotton garments, plush sweaters and socks, you can use these items to serve as extra padding for your glassware or other fragile items.

Although this might create a little extra work on your part when it comes to packing and unpacking, having your glassware arrive undamaged is well worth the effort.

Create A Storage Layout

If you're moving some of your household goods to a storage unit, make things easier by creating a layout for how you will organize the space. It's best to place things inside the unit based on how frequently you will need to access the item, with those items at the bottom of the list being placed in the back of the unit.

By creating this plan up front, not only does it help you save time on moving day, but when you need to retrieve items it will be much easier.


Take some time before your move to pre-clean some of the areas around the home you're moving into. At the end of moving day, eating a quick meal, taking a shower, and resting in your bed will likely be your goals.

The idea of having to take time to tidy up the kitchen, scrub the shower, and wash your sheets sounds beyond exhausting. Sure, you will need to clean up again after you're all moved in, but performing this step ahead of time makes the day easier.

Label In Detail

It doesn't matter if you're moving your belongings to a new home or a storage unit, make sure you aren't just labeling your boxes, but labeling them in detail. It's not always enough to simply write kitchen on the box label.

You want to detail what exactly is inside the box, such as glassware, small appliances, cutlery, etc. By labeling in detail, you can more accurately attack the unpacking process and better plan how to organize these items in the storage unit.

When it comes to a less stressful moving day, you have to start early. Make sure you are planning ahead.