How To Protect Your Art From Sun And Rain At Art Fairs And Farmer's Markets

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How To Protect Your Art From Sun And Rain At Art Fairs And Farmer's Markets

13 October 2016
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As an artist, your art is like your children; you do not want anything untoward to happen to it.  Your art is also your business, which means you produce a product and expect to sell it. Many venues where you can display and sell your art are usually outside and include art fairs and farmer's markets. While it is a very nice thing to be in the open air selling your art, there are tons of weather and natural hazards that can affect your art. Here is how you can protect your work and protect your business when you spend time selling it outside.

Pop-up Canopies

A pop up canopy is an excellent way to shade your artwork so that direct sun cannot fade or crack the paint or drawing media that you use. It also provides shade under which you can sit, relax, and maybe even work on a painting while the visitors to your booth/area wander about. The canopy is easy to set up and easy to take down and stays in place unless you encounter really strong winds.

Event Tents

Event tents are like pop-up canopies, except that you also get "walls" with your canopy roof. These event tents set up just like the pop-up canopies, and the the "walls" roll down and attach to the four corners. If using a larger event tent, there may be center poles on the sides and the roll-down "walls" are split. This allows you to roll up or roll down your "walls" as you need to, and you can hang your art on the tent walls or from strings hung between the tent's support poles.

Tables with Tarps

When event tents and pop-up canopies cost a little more than you can afford or you forget to pack your tent/canopy, the back-up plan involves tables with tarps laid over the top. Fold-up tables can be situated in your booth/space to display your art. The tarps laid over the top are secured by the weight of your art. In the event that the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can stack the art under the tables and/or in boxes to keep it dry. The tarps would deflect all of the rain away from the tables and the art you just tucked underneath. If you utilize this basic option, be sure you use tarps with grommets so that you can tie the tarps down to the tables' legs.

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