Taking A Closer Look At The Power Of Propane In An Agricultural Setting

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Taking A Closer Look At The Power Of Propane In An Agricultural Setting

11 October 2016
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Even though a lot of modern farms have transitioned to electricity and natural gas for their agricultural needs, there are still about 830,000 farms in the US that rely on propane as their primary fuel source, and it is not without good reason. Propane is just as efficient as ever, and continued scientific development in this fuel industry means that this fuel source just continues to get better. If you own or manage a farm, it is wise to get to know just how beneficial propane can be on your property or in your business. 

Propane keeps your farm flexible. 

Say for example you have an underdeveloped piece of property where you would like to implement a barn or holding area for part of your livestock. This endeavor would normally require new electric lines to be run or new distribution lines from a present natural gas line, which can be costly. Propane, on the other hand, gives you the ability to provide energy pretty much anywhere. All you will need to power the new structure is a new tank of propane situated in the vicinity and concurrent lines run from the tank itself. This makes it easy to provide fuel for areas of your property that may be thousands of feet away from the closest electric or natural gas line. 

Propane gives you greater control over fuel expenses. 

If you rely on electricity or natural gas, you will be forced to budget a monthly bill that can be erratic and unpredictable, according to things like temperatures or current costs. Propane is different because you make the investment in the fuel you need in advance in bulk quantities. This gives you a greater insight into just how much you will be spending on fueling costs, and you can take measures to be more conservative to prolong the supply you have when you see that it is running low. 

Propane is a cleaner fuel source than gasoline or diesel. 

If you have components on your farm that require gasoline or diesel fuel, it is well worth making a change to propane-powered systems. For example, if you have a dryer on a grain bin that is powered by gasoline, swapping for a propane-powered dryer would be an excellent choice. Propane is far more environmentally friendly than either gasoline or diesel. It releases a lower amount of greenhouse gas emissions. 

For more information on propane as a fuel source for your farm, contact a company like Sunrise Cooperative Inc.