5 Ways Custom Stickers Can Be Used By A Small Business

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5 Ways Custom Stickers Can Be Used By A Small Business

3 October 2016
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When it comes to advertising your business and raising brand awareness, custom printed stickers are an effective and affordable choice. There are many ways to use stickers once you find a reputable sticker printing company that offers a variety of sticker options. Some great ways to use stickers for your business include:

Decals for Electronic Devices

Once you have an amazing logo created for your company, it is a good idea to invest in sticker decals that can be adhered to cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Give them out to all of your employees—before you know you it, your stickers with your printed logo will be seen any time a person who works for your company uses their electronic device out in public. 

Utilize Windows

Don't forget to utilize your windows—both of your storefront and company-owned vehicles—when you want to market and advertise your business. A good sticker printer can make high quality sticker decals that can stick to windows to advertise sales and promotions or the fact that your place of business offers free Wi-Fi. Colorful sticker decals in your storefront windows can attract traffic passing by and bring people into your business. All company-owned vehicles should have window sticker decals that include your company name, logo, phone number, and website address.

Water Bottle Labels

Tons of people drink bottled water, and when you have custom water bottle sticker labels made, you can get your company information in front of a lot of eyes. Consider donating water bottles with your custom water bottle labels to a charity event or to local school athletic events. This will give you an opportunity to give back to the community while also advertising your company, so it is a win-win without having to spend a large chunk of your advertising budget.

Address Labels

If you have a plan to reach potential customers through direct mail, you may want to have custom sticker address labels made with your company's logo. In addition to looking attractive on an envelope, sticker address labels take a lot less time to apply compared to hand writing your return address.

Bumper Stickers

A lot of people read bumper stickers when stopped at a traffic light or stuck in a traffic jam. Take advantage of this by having custom bumper stickers printed, and place them on the back of all company-owned vehicles. Don't be afraid to hand them out to friends and family members as well.  

Contact a company like Northwest Label for more ideas on how to use stickers to expand your business.