Packaging Delicate Items Properly So They Don't Become Damaged in Transit

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Packaging Delicate Items Properly So They Don't Become Damaged in Transit

23 September 2016
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If you own your own small business and you plan on shipping fragile items to customers, there will be a need to package them appropriately so they do not become damaged before they get to their destinations. Purchasing the correct packaging products will be imperative in protecting your shipments properly. Here are some tips you can use to ensure the wares you are sending will get to their intended recipients without breaking during their travels.

Select a Sturdy Enclosure

Most people will use a cardboard box when sending an item to a customer. Make sure the boxes you use are brand new to ensure the corrugated material is not compromised, leading to possible ripping or bending as a result. For even more protection, or if you have larger items to ship, consider having a shipping service construct custom-made packaging for your materials. They will make sure each item fits inside the enclosures perfectly, leading to less chance of breaking while being moved from location to location.

Add Some Protective Cushioning 

After your enclosure is selected, it will be necessary to wrap the item being shipping in cushioning so it is well protected from bumps, scrapes, and jostles. Bubble wrap works well for smaller items. Simply wrap the item several times in this cushioning and tape it securely so it does not become unraveled while moving around. 

Place foam packaging peanuts in the bottom of the box or crate before slipping the item inside. Additional peanuts should then be added to keep the item from moving around inside the enclosure. Top the item with even more foam pieces before taping or nailing the enclosure shut. Think about having custom fit foam pieces constructed for items in unusual shapes to help protect protruding portions from unfortunate demise. These will give the items protection around every portion, minimizing the risk of small or long pieces breaking off.

Do Not Forget Heavy-Duty Packing Tape

It is extremely important to tape all potential openings on a cardboard box so the item does not slip out while on its way to its new owner. Heavy-duty packing tape can be purchased from a shipping center or office supply store. Do not fold the edges of a cardboard box underneath one another before taping them shut. This could easily open while the box is being moved around, leading to damage or loss of the item enclosed. Instead hold the edges of the flaps flush to each other before affixing tape to secure them to each other.

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