3 Beneficial Qualities To Seek In A Data Facility Management Service

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3 Beneficial Qualities To Seek In A Data Facility Management Service

23 September 2016
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Are you about to open your first business? Perhaps it is a start-up company that is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. For now, you may not have the business capital to have an internal IT department. Some businesses rely on third-party IT services. You may be thinking that you can handle all of your IT needs on your own for the time being, but at some point, you are likely going to need to determine another approach to data maintenance. A data center management provider can be of assistance, but there are many out there, which is why you need to consider the following points when the need comes. 


Practically every business has security concerns, and many of those concerns apply to protecting business data. Depending on a third-party provider means that you are entrusting the security of your data to the provider. This is why you need to inquire about the practices they will use to protect your data against breaches. If you are in an industry that has compliance requirements, you also need to ensure that the legal requirements are discussed with the provider. For example, medical-related data may be governed by HIPAA laws. 

Data Back-ups

Many data management companies back-up the data of their clients. However, this is not something that you should assume will automatically be done. You will likely have an account manager, and you should routinely confirm that the provider is backing up your data. This is because terms in contracts may change. For example, a change may be implemented that requires customers to perform their own data back-ups. If this is located somewhere in the many pages of your renewal contract, you may miss the important detail until there is a problem. Lost data can usually be restored, but it may come with long data recovery times. That is something that a growing business would likely not want to experience, which is why data back-ups are considered critical. 


Perhaps in a few years, you will have some data that you need to keep stored, but you may not have an immediate need to access it. You may even consider it obsolete but want to keep it in the event that an issue comes up in the future. For example, you may have old customer accounts that are not active, which you want to keep stored in the event of a legal dispute or future marketing efforts to reactivate dormant accounts. You will want to ensure that there is a way to archive these types of accounts, and you will likely want a way to add any customers you lose in the future to the same archived files.