Propane-Fueled Flame Weeding: A Look At The Advantages For Farmers And The Environment

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Propane-Fueled Flame Weeding: A Look At The Advantages For Farmers And The Environment

28 May 2020
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If you look into the types of businesses that rely on propane supply companies to feed their fuel needs, you will come across a diverse collection of different types of businesses. However, farms represent a huge portion of the business owners that rely on propane. Propane is portable, efficient for an array of applications, and really diverse, which makes it logical for use around and on a farm. One of the more unique ways that propane is used on a farm is propane-fueled flame weeding. Propane-fueled flame weeding involves using a special piece of farm equipment that is outfitted with its own propane tank and a series of flame-shooting jets along the back pointed toward the ground. These flame weeders deliver just the right amount of singeing heat to eliminate weeds in a crop field. Take a look at some of the advantages of propane-fueled flame weeding. 

Propane makes an efficient fuel for the purpose

One of the reasons why farmers love propane already is because it is such an efficient fuel source, and the same thing applies with flame-weeding systems. The equipment is powered by propane, which means a full crop field can be done with as little fuel as possible. Of course, there are flame weeders that utilize different forms of fuel, but propane tends to be much more preferable because of its efficiency. 

Propane-fueled flame weeding is good for the environment

Most farmers take the modern-day approach of using something like a chemical weed-killing agent in their fields. However, propane-fueled flame weeding is far easier on the environment. You are essentially just using direct heat to eradicate weeds, which is not going to throw off the nitrogen balance of the soil, harm the insects that benefit crops, or cause any issues with contamination. Plus, it is far easier to go to the propane supply company and get a tank refilled than to deal with having some kind of chemical brought to the farm.

Propane flame weeding can bump up the organic matter in the soil

When propane-fueled flame equipment is used to kill off weeds, those plants decompose naturally and rather quickly in the soil. This organic waste helps to beef up the nutrient levels in the soil, which can be extremely beneficial for the new crops that go down after treatment. The propane does not get into the soil, it is vaporized as it burns up, so there are no concerns of soil contamination.