Answering Common Questions About Having Ice Sculptures At Your Party

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Answering Common Questions About Having Ice Sculptures At Your Party

7 October 2016
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The addition of an ice sculpture can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your event. However, it is a reality that many people have never ordered these decorations, which can cause them to be unsure of what to expect. To help you be better prepared when it comes to ordering ice sculptures, you will need to be mindful of the answers to some routinely asked questions.

When Is It Advised To Order The Ice Sculpture?

Many individuals assume that there is little need to order the ice sculpture well in advance of the party date due to the fact that it will be made shortly before the event. However, it is a reality that these professional services will often get extremely busy, which may cause problems with ensuring the ice sculpture is ready for your event. To ensure that you are able to get your ice sculpture, you should start meeting with providers a couple of months prior to your event.

Will The Ice Sculpture Make A Mess As It Melts?

While your ice sculpture will be beautiful, it is a reality that it will steadily melt throughout the evening. In order to prevent this from making a mess, you will need to make sure that you have several drip trays positioned about the sculpture. These trays will collect any runoff from the melting statue, which will greatly reduce the mess that is made. The size of the drip trays you need for your ice sculpture will depend on the side of the monument. Luckily, many ice sculpture providers are able to calculate the size of the needed drip trays, and they may include these trays for a nominal fee.

How Can You Make The Ice Sculpture Last Longer?

Considering the costs that are involved with ice sculptures, you will likely want to ensure that they last for as long as possible. To this end, you will need to put a considerable amount of thought into where you place the ice sculpture. More precisely, you will want to place the sculpture in a shaded and cool location. If you are wanting to illuminate the sculpture, you will want to only use LED lights. These lights are more expensive than traditional options, which may cause some individuals to be hesitant about choosing them. However, they emit a fraction of the heat that a standard light bulb will, and this will help you to illuminate the ice sculpture throughout your entire event without prematurely melting it.

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